• The beauties of power protection simplicity

  • Best combination of energy efficiency & overall power performance (10-300kVA)

  • Safe-Swap, Modular, Rack-Independent and Compact Power Protection (8-200kW)

The "individual concept", including UPS, battery and communication which can be integrated into any 19" rack in industrial, telecom or other applications

The DPA UPScale RI rack-independent UPS system offers best-in-class efficiency and power performance features including:

  • Best in class compactness
    (40 kW = 0.33 m2, 122 kW/m2)
  • Input power factor PF = 0.99
  • Up to 95.5% efficiency in double conversion mode and 98% efficiency in eco-mode
  • Ripple-free battery charging increases battery life
  • Wide input voltage range
    (-23%/+15%) at full load
  • Up to 2 modules in parallel configuration

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