• The beauties of power protection simplicity

  • Best combination of energy efficiency & overall power performance (10-300kVA)

  • Safe-Swap, Modular, Rack-Independent and Compact Power Protection (8-200kW)

POWERVALUE 31/ 11 T 10-20kVA

An efficient uninterruptible power supply with scalable runtime

For the owners or operators of security systems, electrical
installations, building management systems, IT rooms and the
like, a reliable supply of electrical power is essential.

Simple to install and with a small footprint, the PowerValue
31/11 T produces stable, regulated, transient-free, pure sinewave
AC power with extremely tight output voltage regulation.

Different autonomy variations with inbuilt batteries or
additional battery cabinets.

Simple power increase (pay-as-you-grow) by paralleling
up to 4 units.

Online double conversion topology delivers constant and
stable power to the load even in the presence of severe
disturbances in the utility.

Parallelable up to 4 units to provide system redundancy.

Programmed and automated battery tests ensure an
optimized battery management, operation and lifetime.

Single- or three-phase input is field configurable - adaptable
to installation requirements.

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